Thoughtful insights into sensitive subjects

William's story is full of meaningful contrasts, stunning "coincidences," and a variety of experiences that were clearly custom-crafted for his soul's unique journey. He prides himself on being able to share valuable information, such as glimpses of Iranian culture, while also inspiring his audiences to simple, practical actions that can improve the global outlook of human rights, as well as the individual's ability to connect authentically with personal truths.

William is prepared to speak on a variety of topics pertaining to his unique story, including:

Religious freedom as a human right

What it means, ethically, to attempt to negotiate with the Iranian government

Refuge and asylum as Jewish values

Antisemitism in international politics

The power dynamics of intermarriage

Discovering Judaism twice: the value of Jewish education


Apostasy, conversion, and religious identity

Life in the quasi-Islamic quasi-Republic of Iran

Megillat Esther and the power of personal revelations

If you have something special in mind for your group, William is more than happy to accommodate requests for speaking engagements that fall anywhere within his expertise and experience. Please get in touch, and we'll work something out!

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